Friday, 7 October 2011

My first Craft Fair

As I was away (see previous post) I managed to get a bit of Crocheting done. Started on a few projects for Christmas for the little ones. Half and elephant here, half a dog there, a cowl or two...
Actually I ended up making a cowl for myself. It's been a while since I've made anything for me, so that was nice. (I started knitting a pair of socks back in May... still only have half the one sock done).

When I returned to work, after my holidays, I was surprised, yet happy; to see they were organizing a Crafts Fair. "Was anyone interested" – Yes indeed!

The Fair will be on 14th October. This is all of a sudden next week!!!! [Yes I know… excessive use of exclamation marks is bad. But I feel a need for it here!]

So I have been busy getting loads of items ready to sell. I had a pile of things which were, almost, finished off. Just needed those last touches.
So here is me, every night after work, working on sewing in labels, making tags, making little "remember cards" so people know what material the items are made from and how to look after them best.
I have a pile of finished stuff. I have one with items that need HüG labels, one with items that need the tag, and one with items that need the little "extra touch".

Thursday, 6 October 2011

October already?

Sorry for my absence. Dunno what happened. All of a sudden we are in October. October! What happened to September?
What happened to me in the meantime, since the last post?

Been incredible busy at work. Seems to be a never-ending line of new people starting in our group, and it's my job to make sure they are trained and ready to do their job.
This might sound easy enough, and in a way it is... but 1 new start equals 6-7 weeks of training. All of a sudden it's a lot. But I am not complaining. I like the job. It's just busy really.

Being busy at work has the tendency of draining my brain power and by the time I get home, crafting often takes a back seat if I am really knackered. I will check in on my etsy store and Swap Workshop, to stay on top of things there. But new creations have been limited.

That is, until I had 2 weeks holiday in September. - It seemed like a miracle and a shock to the system, to be able to chill and hang out with family and just make whatever I wanted. Being surrounded by the youngsters of the clan was also a great inspiration.

Nothing like eager little kids to get your creativity flowing again. I did a lot of colouring in with my niece. How I've missed having a colouring book and a set of felt-tip pens. Pure heaven :) - Even better now that I'm able to "colour inside the lines". Most the time anyway, ha-ha.

This was always the aim when you were little, wasn't it? To stay within the big thick black lines on the page, while you were colouring in the house/car/parrot etc.

Ahh relaxation and creativity, how I missed thee!