Saturday, 21 July 2012

"You want, like a name? Oh, God, the pressure of a name..."

".... I got it. Cindafuckin'rella"

OK, so "Cindafuckin'rella" is not the name I came up with for my little venture. But it's probably my favourtie quote, from my favourite ever film.

If your aim is world domination, by way of crochet, (let's be honest - who's isn't?), then you need a name for your business!  But finding that name is not always all that easy. I mean, you really need to get it right. You know?

If you are naming your goldfish, teddy bear or even your car, it's not really as crucial that you get it 100% spot on. That's what nicknames are for after all. But get the business name wrong and World Domination will never be yours! ;)

- I was very aware that if I didn't pick a decent name, I wouldn't come across the way I intended.
So I thought long and hard about it. Along with a friend of mine I spent a good few lunch breaks brainstorming. We agreed that it should have a connection to my Danish roots. Let's face it - might as well take advantage of the fact that I'm Scandinavian, since that seems to be an important fact for many non-Scandinavians. And there are strong brands associated with Scandinavia. 

After much brainstorming and many different possibilities, I finally settled for HüG. It was just right, because, you see HüG is a combination of the English word [hug] and the Danish word [hygge].

Hygge, pronounced in my regional dialect is [hyg]. A Danish Y is pronounced like the ü from German or Swedish. So swapping the y for the ü makes it a brilliant little word; HüG. Hygge and Hug combined. - and have you noticed how the ü looks like a smiley face? ;)

Hygge is a feeling, a sensation, which is (unfortunately) rather difficult to explain. You can Google it and you will come up with several different explanations of the word. Explanations of how it is closely linked to coziness, familiarity, comfort and warmth.

Have a HüGgelig weekend!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Purple Predicament

Did you see what happened to my circular knitting needle mid-project? *shock-horror-gasp* It went and broke on me. I mean, honestly, the cheek!

knitting needle fail

If you've ever had a circular needle you might understand the importance of the cable being attached.... Well I'm happy to say that I got a new knitting needle and I've managed to finish the project. It's lovely and soft, but I think I cast-off too tightly.

The cowl is meant to be stretchy enough to go three times around your neck. Mine is, but only on the cast-on edge. Whoopsie. The cast off is too tight, so I can only get it around twice.

It's still nice and soft, so I can't really complain I guess. Being the first ever thing I have knitted fully by myself in about ...ever... I am proud of it. But let's face it, there are things which could be better:

  1. It should of course be equally stretchy on both sides/ends.
  2. There are a few reversed stitches a couple of places. This resulted in rib effect rather than the seed effect.
  3. It's too narrow when only wrapping around twice.
I can't really do anything about point 1 or 2 without unravelling the whole thing and starting over.
Finished - do you see the ribbing?

So I will work on point 3 instead. I'll work some crochet edging along both sides and extend it this way instead. Hurray for multi-craftiness!

I'll post an update as soon as I'm done

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Business cards, part 2

So, a while back I was talking about business cards. How I needed some and how it couldn't be that difficult... Part of me had a suspicion, which has now become confirmed; it is. Difficult, I mean.

After hours and hours and hours... this is what I came up with:

rubbish!! - I was not feeling the love for these 

I was really disappointed to find this so difficult. Because, if I'm perfectly honest, those are bad. Like REALLY bad! hahah.

And what happens a few days after all this printing, cutting and gluing? Vistaprints has an offer of a gazillion business cards for only two quid or so.

Being curious by nature, I went to have a look and a play. They have so many things to choose from it's just ridiculous. Many hours were spent there playing around with layouts and colours and options and text. In the end I actually managed to make something I liked. So I ordered them. -shame-

Part of me feels that I should have been able to make my own, but I just do not have the equipment to make something decent. I'd love to tell myself that I can make the most amazing awesome business cards on my little tiny office printer with a Kodak cartridge, or carve my own templates and print using a fancy big press or something. But the truth is, I just do not have that fancy schmancy press, or the design capability in my brain to pull it off. Printer is not high quality enough either.

Yeah that's right! I blame the printer. Nothing to do with my failed dream of being a graphics designer. Nope.

So I caved in and ordered the business cards from Vista. I think they are kinda cute to be honest:

Vista-made business cards, with care instructions and "remember flowers"

I left the backside blank, and this way I can personalize each business card according to which item they go out with. Here you can see two. They were made for a couple of hats a few months ago.

Washing instructions are important, so I know people can get the best possible life out of their garment. So I add the symbols and also a text to explain them. Then of course the material and if applicable, name of the garment. - And what do you think of the stamp? Isn't it cute? It's made by LittleZ :)

I took a few pictures in better surroundings (click for larger image):

owls belong in the free ;)

in Scotland we have a lot of wet weather

birdies posing in a tree

I've yet to find a name for these three fellas.... any suggestions?