Friday, 7 October 2011

My first Craft Fair

As I was away (see previous post) I managed to get a bit of Crocheting done. Started on a few projects for Christmas for the little ones. Half and elephant here, half a dog there, a cowl or two...
Actually I ended up making a cowl for myself. It's been a while since I've made anything for me, so that was nice. (I started knitting a pair of socks back in May... still only have half the one sock done).

When I returned to work, after my holidays, I was surprised, yet happy; to see they were organizing a Crafts Fair. "Was anyone interested" – Yes indeed!

The Fair will be on 14th October. This is all of a sudden next week!!!! [Yes I know… excessive use of exclamation marks is bad. But I feel a need for it here!]

So I have been busy getting loads of items ready to sell. I had a pile of things which were, almost, finished off. Just needed those last touches.
So here is me, every night after work, working on sewing in labels, making tags, making little "remember cards" so people know what material the items are made from and how to look after them best.
I have a pile of finished stuff. I have one with items that need HüG labels, one with items that need the tag, and one with items that need the little "extra touch".

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Kimminita said...

Wieh! Good luck and loads of fun on the fair!