Saturday, 21 July 2012

"You want, like a name? Oh, God, the pressure of a name..."

".... I got it. Cindafuckin'rella"

OK, so "Cindafuckin'rella" is not the name I came up with for my little venture. But it's probably my favourtie quote, from my favourite ever film.

If your aim is world domination, by way of crochet, (let's be honest - who's isn't?), then you need a name for your business!  But finding that name is not always all that easy. I mean, you really need to get it right. You know?

If you are naming your goldfish, teddy bear or even your car, it's not really as crucial that you get it 100% spot on. That's what nicknames are for after all. But get the business name wrong and World Domination will never be yours! ;)

- I was very aware that if I didn't pick a decent name, I wouldn't come across the way I intended.
So I thought long and hard about it. Along with a friend of mine I spent a good few lunch breaks brainstorming. We agreed that it should have a connection to my Danish roots. Let's face it - might as well take advantage of the fact that I'm Scandinavian, since that seems to be an important fact for many non-Scandinavians. And there are strong brands associated with Scandinavia. 

After much brainstorming and many different possibilities, I finally settled for HüG. It was just right, because, you see HüG is a combination of the English word [hug] and the Danish word [hygge].

Hygge, pronounced in my regional dialect is [hyg]. A Danish Y is pronounced like the ü from German or Swedish. So swapping the y for the ü makes it a brilliant little word; HüG. Hygge and Hug combined. - and have you noticed how the ü looks like a smiley face? ;)

Hygge is a feeling, a sensation, which is (unfortunately) rather difficult to explain. You can Google it and you will come up with several different explanations of the word. Explanations of how it is closely linked to coziness, familiarity, comfort and warmth.

Have a HüGgelig weekend!


bobbeez-8r1id said...

still find it a great name for high quality products!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

Love the movie. Love the name. Love the positive. Just love it.

Happy seeing beautiful!