Monday, 29 August 2011

A blanket in the making

I have decided to Bring over my blog posts from Swap Workshop, as I know it's not viewable to non-members. - Here is part one of the "Blaket in the Making" series. I will post them gradually, and bring you the final episodes here as well.

This was originally posted on May 1st

You see this is all new to me and so is my newest project.

A few weeks ago I saw forum post which caught my attention. Kimminita was posting on her wishlist forum thread that she was after a blanket. Was anyone willing to take on the project?

Being a bit out of season for hats and being as HUGhats was kinda bored making the darn things just now, I thought; "why not? Give the hats a rest, give the cowls a rest and let's give this thing a go!"

After having a look at some examples posted by Kimminita and a few messages back and forth to find the details of the ideal blanket, I started my research.

What kind of yarn was available to me and could I get both the colours in the same thickness of wool?
How much would be needed and would it be affordable? Finalising the dimensions and proportions of the blanket was done and I went around to my local wool stores.

There were potential in all three of them but in the last one I found what I was looking for :) Since I was never a maths wiz I decided to get help calculating how much wool I'd need to make the blanket (200cm x 140cm).

Sitting in the yarn department of a massive department store I found myself making crochet samples and chit chatting with the wool girl about blankets and such. Very nice really. When my crochet sample was done the lady kindly calculated how much I'd need in both colours.

I thanked her and paid at the till.

Home I went with a massive bag full of these;

Rowan yarn, Organic Belle DK, Ochre

Patons Merino Wool DK, Thunder

The two colours are fantastic together and I am kinda in love with the Organic Belle ♥

Next task was to change the pattern around so that it would fit the proportions of 70% main colour / 30% accent colour.

I made a few examples in a spreadsheet so I could easily play around with it. After some reviews and moving about, I was finally happy to start the blanket.
I made the first part of it during that first week. Very pleased with it I was as well. Until it turned out to be too wide thus not leaving enough fir the height. some careful calculations later and I have decided to unravel it and start over. I mean, if the blanket stretched a full 5cm widthwise and the edging is not even on yet there is going to be a problem later on.

Rather undo it now and not later. So I am now at the starting point having done the foundation chain again and part of the first row. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to things like this :) I will add a few photos of the yarn and the project as I go along. I'll keep you posted and will add photos soon. Enjoy the reading!

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