Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Starting to get hooked (pun fully intended!)

I remember visiting my mother-in-law once and she had this colourful book of knitted squares (by Jan Eaton, [see here]). I was really into it and loved all the different patterns she made and the gazillions of combinations you could create from the many squares. Only problem: I cannot knit. My hands used to cramp up when trying to knit, so I'd left that idea behind.

You need to know that my mother-in-law lives in Cornwall, and most of the people we know there are creative people. They either paint, knit, make ceramics, take photographs, are amazing gardeners... or some combination of these. I always feel inspired when I am there. Always feel that my regular office job is definitely not the long-term future for me. I need to do something creative. Arts were always my favourite lessons in School :)

I thought; if only that book was about crochet squares, then that'd be the book for me. So I went to my old friend Amazon when I came home. I found the crochet version of the book and I decided straight away that I wanted it. I got that book along with a "crochet for beginners" book. I needed something to show me the basics again. Was a bit rusty. Plus it was in English and explained the different stitches with their English names and pictures.

This is why I can now follow crochet patterns in English or American... but not in Danish! I simply didn’t learn crochet that way from my mum. She explained how to get the different looks from the different stitches. I never paid much attention to what the stitches were called, and I never followed a Danish pattern.

So with these new books I started playing around with crochet a bit more seriously. I love it... and the internet was full of amazing patterns. A whole new world of creativity opened up for me. I realised that you didn’t have to be a knitter to create amazing stuff with yarn.

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