Wednesday, 9 November 2011

HüG (by HUGhats)

HüG (by HUGhats):

^ is my Facebook page. I am currently looking at opening up a store option on there. (Not sure that made grammatical sense?!).

What I am trying to say is: I am working on opening an on-line store, linked directly to the Facebook page. This way I can list and sell via the Facebook page, rather than the etsy shop. Not that there is anything wrong with etsy, it's just very BIG. Hard to stand out like that and reach people who are genuinely interested. Or at least that is my personal experience.

I've noticed that I sell more via word-of-mouth, than etsy. The people I have sold to so far have all seemed puzzled by the whole etsy thing and it seemed, almost, an inconvenience for them to have to join up, simply to buy one of my hats.

So I am trying to make it more user-friendly and easy. Not wanting to use the term "mass-market", but having a shop on the Facebook page will perhaps make it simpler for buyers.

I know etsy, and I have known etsy for a number of years. But most people I know have never heard of it. That being said; I ma not going to close the etsy store. I'll keep it open, but I will probably focus on the Facebook store for a while.

There are also no fees to pay on the Facebook shop, and there seems to be no expiry dates either on listings. :)

For me it makes sense, to go the Facebook route. What do you think?


ihanitse/Johanna said...

Sounds veeeeery interesting! I didn't even know you can open a shop on FB... Hmmmmmm... got me thinking. ;)
Great news about the laptop and the photos as well, phew - a close call!

HüG said...

Glad to be a source of inspiration ;)

I am looking at Payvment at the mo. Have a look on the "Shop" link under the HüG profile picture and you can get the link to the app.

Good luck!