Sunday, 26 February 2012

Business cards, part 2

So, a while back I was talking about business cards. How I needed some and how it couldn't be that difficult... Part of me had a suspicion, which has now become confirmed; it is. Difficult, I mean.

After hours and hours and hours... this is what I came up with:

rubbish!! - I was not feeling the love for these 

I was really disappointed to find this so difficult. Because, if I'm perfectly honest, those are bad. Like REALLY bad! hahah.

And what happens a few days after all this printing, cutting and gluing? Vistaprints has an offer of a gazillion business cards for only two quid or so.

Being curious by nature, I went to have a look and a play. They have so many things to choose from it's just ridiculous. Many hours were spent there playing around with layouts and colours and options and text. In the end I actually managed to make something I liked. So I ordered them. -shame-

Part of me feels that I should have been able to make my own, but I just do not have the equipment to make something decent. I'd love to tell myself that I can make the most amazing awesome business cards on my little tiny office printer with a Kodak cartridge, or carve my own templates and print using a fancy big press or something. But the truth is, I just do not have that fancy schmancy press, or the design capability in my brain to pull it off. Printer is not high quality enough either.

Yeah that's right! I blame the printer. Nothing to do with my failed dream of being a graphics designer. Nope.

So I caved in and ordered the business cards from Vista. I think they are kinda cute to be honest:

Vista-made business cards, with care instructions and "remember flowers"

I left the backside blank, and this way I can personalize each business card according to which item they go out with. Here you can see two. They were made for a couple of hats a few months ago.

Washing instructions are important, so I know people can get the best possible life out of their garment. So I add the symbols and also a text to explain them. Then of course the material and if applicable, name of the garment. - And what do you think of the stamp? Isn't it cute? It's made by LittleZ :)

I took a few pictures in better surroundings (click for larger image):

owls belong in the free ;)

in Scotland we have a lot of wet weather

birdies posing in a tree

I've yet to find a name for these three fellas.... any suggestions?


Karla said...

I am anti-VistaPrint but BUT yours came out very nice! Actually, your business cards are adorable! I have a name for your 3 little owlies. Are you ready? Ok, here I go: "Eeny, meeny, miny and HüG<< you! What do you think?

Maybe yes, maybe not? :) Anyway, nice meeting you :)

HüG said...

I was having the same dilemma. At heart I ma not a vista fan, but the little owls sold it to me. :)