Sunday, 3 July 2011


My mother taught me to crochet. Just the basics though. And I made a scarf, all by myself. Still have it as well, though I never use it now... That was 6 or so years ago.

Clearly I did not have any notion of matching different types of yarn and using the correct size hooks. But the colours match each other. At least it's not a collection of different left over yarns, but actually some quite nice Norwegian wool. Hand-dyed in cream and rusty brown. The ends and the edgeing is fine thin wool of a dusty brown varirity. Hook size used; probably a 3.5mm or 4mm. Not the right size for either of the wools, but nicely in the middle.

It's somewhere in my wardrobe, but it's too chunky to actually wear. I look at it with a sence of pride from time to time, but I really ought to unravel it and make something else out of it.

The wool is too nice to let it go to waste like that. It was wool I got from my grandmother when her arthritis and limes disease got too advanced for her to continue knitting. She bought it herself on one of numerous trips she did with my grandfather to Norway when they were younger. 

Yes I must really unravel it and create something worthwhile and deserving. It's only fair on the wool. Nor my grandmother.

When my sister-in-law was expecting her first baby I made them a baby blanket made of squares stitched together. They loved it and have since used it for their 2nd baby and I am sure baby no 3 (due any day now) will also be swaddled in it. I like that idea. I handmade item which is appreciated, loved and most importantly; used. 

Here's a photo I took on my mobile. Please excuse the quality. It was taken about 5 years ago, before the time of fancy camera-phones ;)

So when my sister was pregnant with her first baby I also made her a blanket. I made her mostly hats though;

I have no idea how many hats I made her, but there was an element of "dress-up" going on. From both my side and my sisters. Poor niece ;)

One day my sister told me that the nurse coming to measure and weigh the baby had seen the hats. She'd loved the hats and said "your sister should sell these!". 

Wow. Just wow. What a compliment. 

That's when the seed for the idea of HüG was planted. It took a while before it spurted and started to grow...


NightEssie said...

I ♡ it!

Kimminita said...

Wonder what more this first post leads to. I have become a follower!

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ihanitse said...

Don't unravel the scarf!!! The first ever scarf might not be the prettiest ever but it has a story. Dooooooooon't......!

HüG said...

ok ok Johanna. Scarf is still safe in the wardrobe ;)