Monday, 20 February 2012

a week off :D

I am on holidays for a week. A break from the usual nine to five. It's the first holiday I have had in about 3 months. I think it was November when I last had time off, but that time was spent visiting friends abroad and laying laminate flooring throughout the living room and bedroom. So not a great deal of pure unwinding done really.

Needless to say I am quite excited to have a whole 9 days off from work (counting the weekends either end) and I have plans to get a few things done this week.

I need to finish off my first ever sock and cast one for the buddy. Here is what it looks like at the moment;

As you can see I have made it past the dreaded heel and am now on the foot. Hopefully the toe will be easy enough! It's littered with odd loose stitches and for some reason I knitted a but of the heel in purl rather than knit... hmmm. It all adds to the character
Socks are lovely and all, but soooooo difficult lol. Guess I should have maybe waited till I was a bit more experienced. But hey, you learn as you go along and this is a great way of gaining new skills I believe :)

I am also hoping to finish off this cowl which I am knitting following the Cotton Seed pattern from Michelle's lovely TwoAndSixty blog. Thank you Michelle for the pattern!
Only about 10 more rounds to go. With 200 odd stitches in one row, that's only 2000 or so stitches. Phew.

Should be doable with a week and several movies! Wish me luck!!

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