Wednesday, 22 February 2012

neckHUGs for charity

Back in January we had a Sale & Swap event over on Swap Workshop and it was a great success for everyone who took park.
Items were swapped at half their usual credit value, yet the maker would still get full value for them. A great way to de-stash! In fact I managed to really clear out my stock and in fact I only have about 4 items left.

I'd listed a bunch of neckHUGs (aka cowls, aka snoods) and was really happy when pippelotje approached me asking if I would mind letting her have a couple of items for charity? She runs the blog voornico (For Nico) for a friend's boy suffering from leukaemia.

Apple Green neckHUG

Blood Orange neckHUG

She lists all sorts of lovely handmade items, so if you are looking for a present, a treat for yourself or just want to help out a 7 year old boy from Paraguay win the fight, please do pop over and have a look!

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Pippelotje said...

thank you for blogging about it :-)